changing the lighting from a movie still

Here is a progression of light during a sequence 


back to the blog!

Work has taken up all of my time this past year, but now I have some time off finally to do personal art.
These are studies from classes I'm taking at Concept Design Academy.  It's been great!


my paint test

 Tried my hand at painting a layout that was already designed.  I did the paint only.  This wasn't used in the show.


Always fun to make a mess!

Layout Design of a trailer interior


fun with your pets

Sometimes it's a nice break to look down from my desk and see someone happily sleeping.

Disney XD's "Motorcity" production backgrounds

Yep, you guessed it.  The Disney XD animated series "Motorcity" has indeed a lot of freeways! Whoo-yah!!! This was one of the first backgrounds I did for the show.
the new futuristic Detroit city, known as Detroit Deluxe.

Antonio's Diner (I've drawn so many views of this place, I feel like it really exists!)

Reverse Exterior of Antonio's

Interior of Jacob's Market 

Lots of Roads in Motorcity (and dead robots!)

Burner headquarters

KaneCo. Training Academy Stage

Red about to fall into the Abyss!

refined background Medieval Inn

This was an old background that I did awhile ago that I recently cleaned up.  Looks somewhat presentable now, more or less!


I had the great opportunity to design the exterior of Jacob's market for Motorcity.  It's my favorite background that I worked on.



Trying to do more props in an animation style


car sketch

I have a lot more still to do...crap.


rough gun sketches

these are quite primitive still, proportions need refinement. These are inspired by "Appleseed".


more work in progress

Still working on refining these both.


work in progress

This seems like it will never be finished, always feels it needs something more.


Had a dry spell, lots of busywork sending out portfolios . Finally, some time to do some of my own stuff!

Study of Scott Christensen

Work in Progress (needs a ship! yay....excuse to do a vehicle!)

Some crappy sketches of Hawaii and LA shopping areas... practice makes perfect!


sketches from life

sketches from Honolulu, Hawaii