Happy Halloween!

Anyone for some weird candy?! Mmmm, tastes like bugs...

Now is the time to think of the ghosts of pets long past, perhaps to haunt us at last!


observational sketching

This work is done for visual communication 4 at ACCD.

These were done at the LA Arboretum, a much better place to draw than Huntington Gardens by far. Less people, more interesting flora, fauna, and architecture, quiet and no snobby staff or gestapo security.
Ducks are fun creatures to observe, really like their aerodynamic shape and their gestures.

Sketched this directly in pen with out any lay-in. This technique requires a thorough understanding of form and visual analysis and is great drawing practice.

This is an excerpt from my sketchbook for landscape class.


Did this surfing dog in Adobe Illustrator as a color study. This dog has a "crusin'' attitude. Next time I want to do a very, very scared dog about to be engulfed by a tsunami!