cat's cradle sci fi story

Steam Punk theme set in mid 1800's Story takes place in the Caribbean circa 1850. Misuse of a scientific discovery cause world to freeze over.


physics does not apply here!

I did many iterations of this ship until I came up with the craziest design possible. I used a nautilus for inspiration. Really tried to push reality with this one! Rendering it was actually the fun and easy part.

I did this for Viscom 3. My left brain is having a fit with the physics of this, but my right brain is having a ball with the weird and crazy shapes.

These hovercraft designs were drawn and rendered entirely freehand in Photoshop, starting as flat silhouettes and then refined to their final form.


'Stardust' re-designs (based upon book and film)

Color Theory final project which is to re-invent the movie Stardust, redesigning the characters and scenes.

This my version of the scene where Tristan meets Yvaine for the first time after she falls to earth.

Casting of the king's jewel.
thumbnails to explore composition of Stormhold castle scene.
Fatal battle of the witch and the unicorn.

This is a rough color study.
This is Lamia, the witch. In my version, she is coy and shows a false exterior.

Did research into period costumes, Lolita and Goth fashion The features aren't based on anyone, I just imagined an ideal beauty and invented the gesture, which is why it looks a bit awkward!

The following design is for the character, Yvaine.
This is my redesign of the character "Tristan". According to the novel, he is half fairy, half human and has one pointed ear.
In the story, there is a unicorn that helps Yvaine escape and also battles the witch, impales her shoulder but receives a mortal wound.


Doodles, creature anatomy, lighting and color studies

fun doggie doodlesmore dog-gone fun ...Get outta the way and off the sidewalk!
Fantasy Creature Design

Project for "Imaginatomy" is to invent a new creature, sculpt it, and create an environment for it. Thus was born "Equus Pteropus" the "Terror Horse" of the early Oligocene era, here seen as a huge fossil museum display.

Made with sculpey clay, baked, then painted with a black base then a layer of green patina. Display background is my digital painting.

Cool and Warm Light
Exercise was to design an exterior and paint it according to cool and warm lighting conditions.

This was a limited palette study done with just 2 complementary colors plus black and white. I tried to use warm/cool contrast to bring in more variation and applied an analytical approach to grouping values and hues. The hues are mostly desaturated, which is closer to a realistic rendering.