downtown LA, union station, olveira street studies

This was an experiment on flat color, apparently it doesn't take much for form to read.


Evel Kneivel in Bolt?

Assignment was to put a 70's character into a modern media so I selected a shot from Bolt and painted in Evel Kneivel . I pray that I will never have to draw the underside of a motorcycle again!


Travel Town landscape paintings

Landscape Studies in acrylic

Digital Studies

digital painting just cause

Ang and I are doing digital studies just to practice. Here's mine:


more landscape studies

More digital landscape studies.


20s car designs and layouts

Assignment was to create several 20's cars and then make an appropriate layout to present it with a theme, along with call outs for materials and an exploded view.

These are works in progress.

landscape studies

Digital study of a fish pond at Descanso Gardens.
Gouache study, hillside campus
Digital studies of Hillside Campus.


Vehicles based on marine life

Designs I did for Velazco's Viscom 4 based on a sandcrab, sea horse/dragon, and turtle, Can't believe I made it through his class alive, got my butt handed to me a couple of times.


city spaceship battle

This is a digital rough comp for an acrylic painting.


vehicles as animals and architecture


10 minute figure sketches from a costumed model


Viscom 4 Transportation Quick Sketch pastel on newsprint 12"x36"