physics does not apply here!

I did many iterations of this ship until I came up with the craziest design possible. I used a nautilus for inspiration. Really tried to push reality with this one! Rendering it was actually the fun and easy part.

I did this for Viscom 3. My left brain is having a fit with the physics of this, but my right brain is having a ball with the weird and crazy shapes.

These hovercraft designs were drawn and rendered entirely freehand in Photoshop, starting as flat silhouettes and then refined to their final form.


david benzal said...

I like yours drawings, nice works!!

Jenn said...

lol an engineer's worst nightmare XD But seriously your stuff is awesome~~~

abeoh! said...

Hi Connie!

I see tyler's working you guys hard :D hehe. hope youre enjoying your term as much as i am enjoying my break :D


Alina Chau said...

love the experimental quality of these design!